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Payphone 211

Payphone211.com develops automated ID card system

Xpress ID

Payphone211.com developer and operator of the AUTO 211 system now servicing over 150,000 ANIs with automated payphone (211 services) customer service will release its newest service, XpressID.  

Small or large orders

 XpressID will allow PSPs to easily order small or large quantities of upper or lower payphone signage for low prices and shipped within 24 hours.

Customize calling programs

 XpressID will give the PSPs the flexibility to select from many different templates and pre select rates and minutes for local, domestic, international coin calls and collect call programs. This ability will allow PSPs to apply different pricing strategies on a site-by-site or for the complete route basis and exploit a very visible area to the caller, the upper ID card.

Location information included

Custom designs are also available. The signage is printed in full color  with all the location information preprinted on it. Ordering may be done via the web www.xpressid.com, from a payphone using Smart Call, or from an office phone.

Smart Call

Smart call will facilitate a field tech to call an automated number and order signage for a specific payphone from the field as they are needed.

No minimums

There are no minimums and costs for small quantities will not be prohibitive allowing the PSPs to order small or large amounts.

Cost of ID card sponsored up to 100% by carriers

Carrier program ID cards have sponsorship of up to 100% of the cost of the ID card direct from the carrier to better support the PSPs with the cost of the signage. AUTO 211 clients will also receive a special price and PSPs will be able to order upper pre-addressed ID card doubles at a discounted rate to store in the upper housing.

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